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 How to make a simple bird bath fountain 

We found this old brid bath at a local antique store the other day. It was in two pieces and missing a few pieces but I just fell in love with the design and size of it. The whole pedestal was hollow and there was a large 3/4" hole in the bowl of the basin. I knew we have to first find a container that would accept the over flow of the water one we got the bird bath up and running. So online I went to find a large container.

Now living in Maine there isn't a lot of landscaping companies that would have fountains or large basins, so inline I went to hunt for what I though would be an easy task. I found a lot of large black pond liners, the self formed ones but the lowest price one I found that would work started just under $200! Way over my budget. Then my nephew saw a kids wading pool! Smart kid my nephew, so we started looking for local stores that would have a kids wading pool. Lo n behold only 20 minutes away was the perfect pool. 

So we now have the bird bath and reservoir for our fountain. Done! Well not quite yet. We already knew we'd be using the Fountain Pro WA-170-LV pump because of the 36" rise of the fountain. We also knew we'd be using a 1/2" rigid tubing. We only had to figure out which rubber stopper to use.  So after a few trials and errors we got the right one that fit down inside the basin. BUT the stopper was too thick. So we inserted the stopper into the bowl and inverted the bowl and used a hacksaw to cut the stopper in half flush with the bottom of the basin. So all should be good to go, right?

Wrong.. After nearly 2 hours working on this stopper situation and getting the tubing the correct length, we found out the top of the pedestal was uneven, so out comes the grinder and we leveled the pedestal. To secure the top basin to the pedestal we used clear silicone caulking. Letting this cure all night long for a good bond.

We already had our sand for the ground and used clear plastic first so we wouldn't lose any of the sand. Leveled the wading pool on the sand and then placed  three 2" concrete blocks for the pump to be in and raise the bird bath off the plastic bottom. It runs absolutely fantastic! Next year we'll get some decorative stone to hide the sand and pools sides.

Cost? Bird bath $25
Paint for the bird bath: $15
           Wading Pool: $9.95
           Pump: $29.95
           Transformer for the Pump: $59.95 but we can add anothre water feature to this transformer next year
           Sand:  $24.85
          Plastic for the ground already had, but a new roll is around $10
          Rigid Tubing: Fifure the 40" length fro a 6 foot piece: $12

Outdoor Double Tube Light Set.
Made for outdoors, Lions head fountains, up grade to a 2 way 10W Light Set!
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